How To Be a Good Slave

It's funny, more and more people think they have what it takes to be a slave and yet,  when they inevitably fall short, they wonder why.  So, what does it mean to be a good slave? A good slave should go above and beyond to please his Domme. He should strive to make his Dommes existence as joyous as humanly possible. He should know just how  precious her time is and never waste it with meaningless compliments and troubles that aren't her own.  A true, good slave are those that have always loved without the expectation of return, and those that have always had the instinctive reply of 'yes' before the latter. All my goodie sluts out there, you know who you are but those who aren't quiet there yet, TAKE NOTE.


This is your area to uphold, improve on and ALWAYS keep ahead of. Those who think I haven't been paying as much attention as I used to must ask themselves WHY. Why is my Goddess depriving me of her time? Or, in some cases, outright ignoring me. Tributing is Timeless. It shows me you are devoted to me, thinking of me and appreciative of me. If you fail in this area, then you deserve nothing and I will treat you like nothing. Do you want this? A complete absence of I? You know what I want and how to get my attention.

I am so over Amazon, ..tributes, it's piling up in my room. STOP. For example, I love chocolate but chocolates everyday? Enough is enough. My wishlists are cash based now, unless I ask for a specific 'item', keep it green. 'Item's' won't pay for my tickets abroad or my whims. Unless I specifically state I need a particular 'item' keep them cash only tributes. However, a once in a while gift from a slave is precious and appreciated. It shows me I was on your mind and all the more if it has a meaning only we now and share.


It's not enough to just be on your mind. Show me, tell me that I'm on your mind. My slaves show their devotion in many ways. One sends me charming cut outs from newspapers, magazines because it remind him of me. One slave, for  no reason, sends me a list of what he adores about me and how I've changed his life. And then there are those slaves that send me a wad of cash in the mail, each notes wrapped with a sweet word. One slave, during the day, sends an intimate video just as he tributes and then he thanks me. I've also received a beautiful portrait of me from a very talented slave, it's in my living room right now.

I love spontaneity, it shows the slaves that go the extra mile. I love artwork, poetry, jokes and pictures, videos. Make me laugh, make me swoon, show me why I've kept you. An appreciated Goddess is a happy Goddess, and a happy Godess is an attentive one. I promise you'll be grateful.

What do you know about me? Do you know everything? I am your Goddess, your centre, your subject. LEARN, REVISE, RECITE EVERYTHING ON ME. I don't want to be asked stupid questions 6 months into my domination. It's insulting and distasteful and I've dropped slaves for this reason. Read my posts, everything you need to know will be on there.

Be Useful

What do you do? How can your occupation or a particular skill of yours be useful to me? You're a whizz with computers, you're a travel agents, you have an eye for fashion and can keep me up-to-date on the latest trends. Perhaps you're great at web design and other web related stuff. Does your work have benefits that can be useful to me? 'How can I be of use?' This question should constantly be on your mind because there's nothing more useless than dead weight.

Look for any kind of violation of me on the Internet. Who's pirating my videos, pics, etc.

Recruit, recruit, recruit! Do you know any willing slaves I can wrap my leash around?

Be obedient, Pay attention, god dammit!

If I ask you to do something, I expect you to do it immediately. You say you’re devoted to me, so then why do you brush it off until tomorrow? Staying up late to get something done for me even though you’re tired is just another way to prove your devotion to me. I don’t want to hear any whining/bitching/crying, ever.

DO expect punishments when you have not carried out a task. You are nothing more than a tool. You work for ME. Fuck ups don’t go unnoticed.

Do NOT bash other Dommes, do NOT spam Twitter sites in my name, do NOT slut around. You are MY slave; you are representing ME. If you don’t have manners, I will beat them into you.

If something is really bothering you, or I said I would do something and I haven’t done it, there is a polite way you can bring it up. I am fine with being politely reminded, not nagged. I am constantly multitasking and tend to forget things easily. Communicate with me; don’t expect me to read your mind.

If you’re a sissy, I want you to be PRETTY for me, shave EVERYTHING, slap on a little makeup before we get on cam. Don’t be a slob. Slobs get punished; dolled-up sissies get praised. You’re my property – my personal project – and as such you should be well maintained.

If you’re in chastity, be ready for random chastity checks that could occur at any time.

Obedience is essential during cam sessions. If you have specific, reasonable limits that you let me know about beforehand, I won’t push them. Do expect intense team viewer/ humiliation sessions. The more obedient you are, the more fun I’ll have. The more fun you are to session with, the more likely I am to session with you again and I might even draw the session out longer. Steer the session by making polite suggestions, not demands.

I’ve mentioned a thousand times that I only participate in CONSENSUAL blackmail and that is so very rare as it is. I will not record you or take photos of you without your knowledge, and I certainly won’t post them anywhere without asking you first. I do not want to scare away a good slave.
Do not argue with me – ever. If I say something is so, it is so. Arguing with me will only irritate me. To be devoted to me is to accept my word without question. I don’t deal with whiny slaves that try to dispute me or tell me I misunderstood them. It’s not worth the risk of my eyeballs rolling out of my head

Check in with me
The day we go over your application, I tell each and every one of you to check in with me a couple times a week and I mean it. Whether that is through Twitter, YIM or email, I don’t care. It matters not if you’re away on a business trip, with your gf, etc. You can take 5 seconds to shoot me a message, no exceptions. If you go a week without contacting me, I write you off as a deserter. Expect to pay for it when you come crawling back, begging for forgiveness.

When chatting on YIM, understand that I am usually in multiple conversations, and I may be in a session or on a niteflirt call. Do wait patiently for me to respond. If my status is “away,” it’s for a reason.  I am online often, by having my Skype or YIM ID you have the honor of spending a lot of 1 on 1 time with me that others can only dream of having.  My favorite slaves have earned the privilege of getting my KIK ID, this means that they are in constant contact with me.   They receive exclusive pics, special tasks and can get in touch with me immediately since they can access me via my personal cell phone which is on me at all times, no matter where I am.  Strive to be on this list.